Fiber Shower


Tail of 300+ wires with RGB engine and wall mounted frame


This sensory tool known as a fiber optic shower provides a comprehensive addition to your sensory space, engaging not only your sense of sight but also your tactile, proprioceptive, and auditory systems. The fiber optics comprising this tool offer a captivating experience due to their many color variations. Children can sit at the center of this sensory shower and manipulate, squeeze, and twist the light strands. This dark and stimulus-free space enables the child to restore their senses and achieve calmness in the most tranquil manner possible.

In terms of education, this tool supports socioemotional learning by encouraging sensory exploration. Furthermore, this visual and tactile stimulation provides a captivating and realistic experience. Additionally, this tool is safe to use as each fiber optic strand is covered with a soft plastic covering.


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